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AQUAIRON Ltd. was established in 1993 by Milen Stefanov and his father Ivan Stefanov in the city of Rousse as a successor to a family tradition in wrought iron craft. Started as a family business back in 1924, it still relies on traditional methods and techniques in the field of wrought iron, blacksmith crafts, artistic metalwork and timber constructions, preserved and passed over the generations.

To ensure that whatever style and architectural environment is persuaded by its customers, the company has added contemporary ironwork designs to the portfolio. The size of the projects undertaken varies from interior wrought iron ornaments to large exterior structures, as a result, Aquairon feels at ease with a great variety of architectural styles, while at the same time providing truly unique and custom made ornaments and designs.

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Wrought Iron

Gates, the Balustrades, the Staircases and the Railings


Ecclesiastical and Historic Houses


Cast ornaments, Table Chairs, Cannons


Mr Baba, Sea Terrace , Vienna Pavilion


Disco Club Extravaganza, Varna Airport Kiosk