Case Study - East Gate at Lords MCC



Aquairon were invited last year (August 2021) to enter a challenge to design a new gate for Lord’s Cricket Ground in honour of Baroness Rachael Heyhoe Flint. 

Aquairon responded positively and we quickly developed a set of three possible concepts for consideration, being a competition, we were very aware we were up against several other of the best UK suppliers, so they had to be good.

rachel at the wicket
Rachel at the wicket at Lords
Sketch One



The first sketch shows two side gates and the centre gate with signature roundals poistioning for suitable crests to be adorned, at that time the crest deisgn was not decided apon. 




The second sketch was very similar to the first, but the central crest idea was dropped so it was left with just the plain gates.

Sketch two
Sketch 3



The third sketch offered, moved away from two side gates and focused on one major gate and a smaller side gate to the right, along with different styling and no crests.


In October of 2021 the MCC decided and AquaIron were deemed as the winning entry and chosen to build and supply the gates.

Development work began and the drawing and the project progressed. However, although initially the gates were a central gate with two pedestrian gates on either side, it was deemed necessary from a call from the MCC for a design change which meant losing the two side gates and only having the larger central gate.

Final accepted variant by the MCC
The Build
Brass Handrail




This left only the central panel remaining, as many dimensions were changed it became apparent, we would need to redesign as requested.


Once the approval was forthcoming, we again began work on the gates and the lovely crest that would be encompassed within being that of Rachels initials.

Skysports video of the opening day of the gates at MCC Lords
(UK Only format)


Baroness Rachael Heyhoe Flint - Lettering

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