The "Perfect Swirl"

Iron balustrade

Aquairon’s clients over the years have always admired the workmanship that is intrinsic to the development of the piece of work they have commissioned. However, from time to time we have had arrive on our desk some rather unusual statements and requests.

Here is one such story from a client who was very interested in purchasing an authentic balustrade.

The client had specifically asked for and stated with gusto that they wished a balustrade with complete and utter authenticity, a traditional look and constructed in the original hand forged manner.

This of course was not a problem for Aquairon and so the work proceeded in an orderly fashion to construct several samples for the clients to examine and choose from.

Bangkok - Swirl actual in video
Sample Swirl Pieces Developed by Aquairon
Phone message
The Email !


These were duly sent off and we waited to hear back from the client through our UK agent Peter.

Subsequently after a few weeks Peter got back in touch with us to share the clients rather strange findings and a request, as Peter suggests that “the client believes this is too perfect”.

It seems they were delighted to have received the sample pieces but went on to say, “ I believed that the swirl on the sample in Bangkok seems too perfect, please can you work the piece in a more traditional and authentic manner to achieve a traditional and authentic look.”


Being somewhat taken aback by this statement as it appears that the client may well believe we were possibly mass producing them and not hand forging.

So, in order to prove to the client that he was mistaken and quality and tradition went hand in hand with Aquairon’s ethos, it was decided to create a video to demonstrate exactly how they were crafted and to allay any fears of mass production.

Over the next few weeks, a video was commissioned and then shot
and edited to be a video that was educational and fun to watch.   

Bangkok - swirl client said was too perfect
The Hand Made "Perfect Swirl"



As you can see the amount of effort and expertise used to create the spiral is awesome and demonstrates the craftsmanship of Aquairon’s team.

Once all was completed both the video and additional images were forwarded to the client for their perusal.  


Some days later an email arrived:

“As I said, I believed that the swirl on the sample in Bangkok seemed too perfect (and not hand worked at least not in the same way as the rest of the piece) both absolutely and relative to the rest of the piece.  However, subsequent video and photos from you of swirls at the workshop convinced me otherwise. “

The full commission followed and AquaIron produced the balustrades for the windows shipped them and the client who sorted the final fitting.

Review of the commissioned balustrade


Juliet Balcony Bankok 7
The Balustrade Complete With Swirl

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