Работна среда

The many years of experience have perfected the working process and have gained us vast amounts of information. We have a highly qualified construction team which is capable to manufacture the most complexed ornaments such as wrought iron double spiral. Over the years we began to expand our services. We can produce all kinds of steel, brass and stainless steel structures and decorative ornaments of non-ferrous metals. For this purpose AQUAIRON LTD owns well equipped manufacturing facilities, located in Varna’s industrial zone.

Each customer could be advised and offered various ideas in order to achieve uniqueness of the finished product.

ОбектAQUAIRON LTD has realized many successful replica projects of architectural examples from past centuries. We have many years of experience in design, construction and management of the whole construction process of restaurants, discos, pastry shops, pavilions and other trade facilities. 


  • Ship-restaurant “Mr. Baba
  • Ship-restaurant  “Golden Dreams”
  • Pastry shop “Admiral”
  • Pastry shop “Zlatna Kotva”
  • Pastry shop ”Davidoff”
  • Pastry shop “Morsko oko”
  • Chain restaurant “Mustang Food”
  • Restaurant “Rappongi”
  • Restaurant  “Sea Side”
  • Beach bar“A Longe”
  • Disco Club“Extravaganza”
  • Disco Club “Aroganza”
  • Disco Club “Chas Pik”
  • Disco Club “Pr”
  • Hotel “Admiral
  • Hotel “Azalia”
  • Hotel “Zlatna Kotva”
  • Hotel “Astera”
  • Hotel “Helena Resort
  • Hotel “Berlin
  • Bulgarian house of Culture, Moscow, Russia